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All information is for educational purposes and can change. Please do not interpret this as fact. This is a guideline to use as reference. All city planning and Zoning code will be established more in detail with your builder / architect and/or your architect site plan / survey.

Please understand we are here to help guide you in your quest to buy a lot and build. Please know we are not the expert in this field of code and building requirements. Set backs are visible on a survey or rendering upon selection of a elevation style ” the home ” and/or lot survey. Many architect’s or Builders can assist you here. Typical set backs are 7 – 9′ foot from the sides and (front ) 20′ from the street. Rear 10′ and Corner 20.

Again the size of the home per some city code is different. Example of Mexico Beach Land Development Regulations


No more than 32 feet in height not to exceed 40% coverage as determined by dividing total impervious area by the gross area of the site or lot,

Maximum height for properties outside the CCCL is to be measured from one foot above the crown of the road directly in front of the subject property. Properties within the CCCL are to have maximum height measured from plus 17′ above the NGVD

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CCCL – Coastal Construction Control Line


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CCCL – Costal Construction Control Line

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